11th Plastic Electronics Conference

The 11th Plastic Electronics Conference 2015 is the only technology-to-industry and industry-to-industry event that focuses on organic and large area electronics but creates a link with traditional electronics manufacturing. 

Speakers from across the supply chain, from design and technology and all the way to end users, will discuss and develop a vision of the products of the future that are enabled by the integration of plastic and traditional electronics.


Key Focus Areas:

• Hybrid and Heterogeneous Integration
• Techniques for Mass Manufacturing
• Flexible Displays and Lighting
• Flexible and Organic Energy: Photovoltaics,

• Printed and Flexible Components: Sensors,

  Transistors, Actuators, Memories
• Vacuum, Coating, Barriers & Encapsulation
• From Lab to Fab: Unique focus on connecting

  research and manufacturing


Welcome from the Conference Chairs 2014

In 2014 the level of maturity reached by organic and large area electronics, or plastic electronics in general, shows a clear and important shift from the research level to industrial relevance.

Mass manufacturing of applications in areas such as OLEDs for display & lighting, flexible photovoltaics and organic and hybrid based integrated smart systems, has definitely become reality and are projected to expand very rapidly in the consumer market sector, as well as in other markets, such as healthcare, automotive, home and industrial manufacturing. 

The real opportunities and challenges in organic & large area electronics are in the co-integration of proven semiconductor technology and plastic electronics into new applications and products with higher functionality at a lower price-point. Heterogonous integration is an important enabling technology to achieve the performance levels that are needed and to facilitate commercialization. Or in other words “to choose the best of two worlds”. 


By  joining forces and overcoming the challenges of electronic co-design and manufacturing, we can accelerate commercialization. 


With best regards from the conference chairs:


Luigi Occhipinti

University of Cambridge



Ed van den Kieboom


Conference Contact:

Anne-Marie Dutron

Conference Director


Christina Fritsch

Conference Coordinator