11th Plastic Electronics Conference

Plastic Electronics - and related technologies including flexible, printed, organic and large-area electronics (OLAE) – represent a new way of integrating smart systems that can be deployed in utilizing a wide variety of substrates from low temperature plastic foils to curved glass, textiles, and even pharmaceutical and food packages. The combination of conventional semiconductor integrated circuit devices (ICs) with novel technologies for smart sensors and multifunctional systems on flex has its relevance to the actual megatrends of IoT (Internet of Things), Wearable Electronics, Automotive Systems, Smart Buildings and Ambient Assisted Living, up to the Food and Packaging industry.


Key Focus Areas:

• Hybrid and Heterogeneous Integration
• Techniques for Mass Manufacturing
• Flexible Displays and Lighting
• Flexible and Organic Energy: Photovoltaics, Batteries
• Printed and Flexible Components: Sensors, Transistors, Actuators, Memories
• Vacuum, Coating, Barriers & Encapsulation
• From Lab to Fab: Unique focus on connecting research and manufacturing


Manufacturing technologies are needed in order to improve the throughput and performance of plastic electronic devices and circuits. Key functionalities of smart everyday objects include sensors anywhere and everywhere, with a predicted volume in excess of 100 Billion units by 2020. Hybrid integration technologies and packaging permit unpackaged silicon micocontrollers and other general purpose ICs to be embedde onto flexible and stretchable electronic systems, allowing products to be designed that are thin and light, as well as flexible and robust. A new wave of innovation, involving multifunctional large-area electronics, is now rapidly emerging in multiple industrial sectors, creating new business opportunities with added value in existing products or through entirely new product concepts.

Welcome from the Conference 2015

PE2015 brings together the semiconductor and the emerging plastic electronics communities towards a new era of innovation along with the vision of enabling the Internet of Everything. The PE2015 conference will address all the topics above, from technology breakthroughs up to innovative manufacturing in large area electronics and heterogeneous integrated smart systems, and report about the key manufacturing challenges and selected business cases across the relevant industrial sectors concerned by the plastic electronics revolution.


With best regards from the conference chair:



Luigi Occhipinti

Chairman PE2015 Steering Committee, Outreach and Business Dev. Manager, University of Cambridge EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Large-Area Electronics


Conference Contact:

Anne-Marie Dutron

Conference Director


Christina Fritsch

Conference Coordinator